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Beschrijving: Heartlake City now has a resort right on the beach with a waterpark and everything! The girls are all decked out in their resort wear and the set even features the very first minidoll with a naked torso. I'm hoping that he's absolutely slathered in 50+ sunscreen to protect him from the sun. They can take the monorail right from their rooms to the waterpark, and even try out paragliding. This is a biiiiiiig set, so join me for the second half of the build very soon, I'll put the link here when it done!

The LEGO® Friends 41347 Heartlake City Resort is the place to hang out and have fun in Heartlake City! The hotel has a lobby, restaurant, juice bar, terrace with a DJ stand and 2 bedrooms. Drive the monorail round to the water park with changing room, 2 waterslides and a splash bucket, plus a beach area with a water scooter, parasailer and a lifeguard stand. This amazing LEGO Friends set includes 4 mini-doll figures plus a dolphin figure.

Includes Stephanie, Andrea, Olivia and Mason mini-doll figures, plus a Sheen the dolphin figure.
Features a resort hotel with moving monorail to a beach water park.
Hotel features lobby with telephone and computer, juice bar with blender, roof terrace with DJ decks, restaurant and 2 hotel rooms.
Water park features 2 slides, tipping splash bucket, water scooter with detachable parasailer, windsurf board, lifeguard stand and changing rooms.
Accessory elements include luggage, key, hot dog, ice cream, fruit, cups, bowl and a walkie-talkie.
Head to the lobby to collect the key for your hotel room, then grab a drink from the juice bar.
Take the monorail to the beach water park to try out the slides and enjoy some watersports—look out for the friendly dolphin!
Dance the evening away at the hotel rooftop party with friends with this big LEGO® Friends set.

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