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Beschrijving: Ella and Lia put together some boxes of stuff that they don't want anymore. Ella notices that Lia is getting rid of an invention Lia made years ago called the Yes-inator! Ella double checks with Lia if she really wants to get rid of it, and Lia tells Ella its broken. Ella figures out what is wrong with it and gets it working again. See what happens when she uses it around the house and takes it to school. Comment down below if you could invent anything what would it be and what would it do?

Stay Super!

Music: Bright Wish, Comic Plodding, Daily Beetle, Eighties Action, Fluffing A Duck, Bummin on Tremelo, Lobby Time, Laconic Granny, Last Kiss Goodnight, Teddy Bear Waltz, Thinking Music, Umbrella Pants, Harlequin by Kevin MacLeod. Lightning Bugs by Jason Shaw. Dario Poptart by Joel Jungell.

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