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Beschrijving: Wendy pretend play with her Barbie Camper Bus and Disney princesses baby doll toys for girls. Wendy wants to buy a new Barbie vehicle toy, but doesn’t have enough money for one. Auntie told her to sell some of her old toys to Uncle John to make some money. She picks out some toys and sells them to Uncle John. After that, Auntie and Wendy goes to Uncle Tim’s toy store and buys a Barbie RV Camper toy. They take it home and set it up to play with. The Barbie dream camper includes a fun pool, water slide, 2 hammocks, canopy bed, kitchen, bathroom, and a closet! Auntie and Wendy plays together with the camper toy and the Disney princesses Ariel and Elsa. They make a cute story about two friends playing and hanging out. The two dolls go swimming, goes down a water slide, and eat pretend food together!

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