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Beschrijving: 10 Fun Disney Easter Eggs That You Need To See!
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Animated movies are a right of passage for most children, and nobody does them better than Disney. Every child remembers watching Snow White and The Little Mermaid for the first time, and most of us are still heading to theatres whenever a new Pixar film comes out. But we don’t always catch the Easter eggs left their by mischievous animators, or the cameos that some Disney characters make in movies that aren’t their own. Here are 10 Disney Crossover Easter Eggs You’ve Never Seen Before

Script by: Alan Jones

Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Pasquale Murena


Rupunzel's Cameo in Frozen 00: 24
Mrs. Potts, Chip and the Teacuts' Cameo in Tarzan 01: 03
Lady and the Tramp's Cameo in 101 Dalmatians 01: 36
Doug the Dog in Ratalouille 02: 10
Lots-O-Huggin' Bear in Up 02: 51
The Good Dinosaur in Inside Out 03: 51
Pizza Planet Truck in Everything 03: 48
Sully in Brave 04: 29
Bootleg Disney DVDs in Zootopia 04: 56
Classic Disney Characters in The Little Mermaid 05: 28

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