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Beschrijving: We all love Disney movies but sometimes Disney just forgets how to Disney.
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Let’s face it. When you see a Disney movie, there are things you can come to rely on. Disney films usually have big musical numbers, interesting animal characters, royalty, true love’s kiss, princesses, and a big happy ending. But there are times when Disney forgot to do the things Disney does best. We found several times when it seems like Disney just forgot how to Disney.

We all love the Disney Princesses. They will do just about anything for love. But in recent movies, Disney princesses are changing. They are becoming tougher, stronger, and able to solve their own problems. There are some things we are glad Disney is forgetting to do, like the racist and gender stereotypes of past films. But you might be surprised at some of the other times Disney forgot how to Disney. Watch until the end to find out the most wicked things they have done yet.

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