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Beschrijving: A gorgeous little cafe with artwork lining the walls for Heartlake City! Yes please! The new Lego Friends Emma's Art Cafe has everything that the minidoll residents need to enjoy a coffee and delicious cake while deciding what new artwork to buy and take home. This is a cute set which will fit nicely into Heartlake City, it's an easy build with lots of playable details. Very very nice!

Emma loves stopping by the Art Café for lunch to bring out her creative side and find inspiration for her next piece of work. Help her friend Prankzy complete his graffiti art on the wall outside, and then head inside to toast a delicious panini in the machine. Grab a cup of coffee and some cake, pay at the cash register and then eat inside or in the alfresco art corner.

Includes Emma and Prankzy mini-doll figures.
Features a café with hinged art area, panini machine, coffee machine, cash register, seating area, opening shutters, artwork, price list and a bench outside.
Accessory elements include paint bottles, spray paint bottle, palette, paintbrush, cake, cupcakes, paninis, ‘I love Heartlake City' mug, bill and a coin.
Head to the Art Café and see Prankzy's graffiti masterpiece on the wall outside.
Toast a panini in the machine and check the price list before paying at the cash register with this fun toy.
Enjoy coffee and cake with Emma as she thinks about new ideas for her latest art project.

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