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Beschrijving: A Disney Princess is MISSING from the cast of Wreck It Ralph 2! Find out who Disney forgot!
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If there is one thing better than a Disney princess, it can only be all of the Disney princesses together in one movie! That’s what we were promised when we first heard about Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2. And indeed we saw some very enticing promos that seemed to show all of our favorite princesses gathered together in one room. But we couldn’t help but notice that a few of our favorites seemed to be missing. She can save China but doesn’t get invited to the party? If you were worried about the lack of Mulan, don’t worry, it’s been confirmed that she will be making an appearance. But as for some of the more underrated Disney princesses such as Megara from Hercules, we don’t have good news. Let us know who your favorite Disney character is in the comment section, and then hit the subscribe button to get the latest videos from TheThings.

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