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Beschrijving: Emma and Wendy pretend play with a cute pink makeup vanity play table toy made for girls! Wendy gets ready for party at her make up vanity and leaves. Emma wants to play, but didn’t ask for permission and accidentally broke it. She hears Wendy coming back and hides behind clothes closet. Auntie comes and fixes it for Wendy. Emma feels bad and tells Wendy and Auntie the truth about the makeup table. Auntie reminds her to never lie and always be honest. They bring the vanity to Uncle K’s toy repair shop to get it fixed. Wendy and Emma borrowed Uncle K’s toys and fixed the vanity. They forgot to ask for permission before using his tools and Auntie reminds them to always ask for permission when using other peoples’ belongings. They go home and have a makeup and costume contest challenge! Emma and Wendy pretend play dress up with their princess dresses and makeup.

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