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Beschrijving: 25 Pixar Easter eggs you weren't supposed to notice! Subscribe to our channel:

Since the release of Toy Story in 1995, Pixar has churned out one animated hit after another, and while plenty of praise has been heaped on the Marvel Cinematic Universe for its numerous Easter Eggs and references, Pixar has been doing the whole cinematic universe thing for a whole decade longer. If you go back and revisit their filmography, you’ll find each one of their films is peppered with references to the studio’s past and future movies.

In Up, the little girl watching Carl Frederickson’s house float by her window is playing with a Lotso doll, Lotso being the main villain from Toy Story 3. In Monster’s Inc. ’s most heartbreaking scene, Boo hands Sulley a Jessie doll from Toy Story 2 and a Nemo doll, offering a sneak peek at Pixar’s next film Finding Nemo. There’s even a nod to one of Pixar’s greatest inspirations, writer-director Hayao Miyazaki, in the form of a Totoro doll cameo in Toy Story 3. The Pizza Planet truck makes an appearance in almost every Pixar film, including ones you wouldn’t expect like Wall-E and Brave. The terrifying dentist office in Finding Nemo has two references to past and future films in Pixar’s filmography. They even found a way to reference their early short films in a number of ways, from the Luxo Jr. lamp in Luxo Jr. to the toys from Tin Toy. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out this video to discover even more amazing Pixar Easter Eggs.

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