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Beschrijving: The Princess Party Parade of a lifetime. There are more that 100 live performers accompanying floats based on The Little Mermaid, Brave, Tangled, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty (along with a 26-foot-tall Maleficent in dragon form), princesses (including Anna and Elsa from Frozen), Mickey and Minnie on an airship, and more!

This daytime parade brings vibrantly costumed characters and new music to a daily procession of innovative floats in Magic Kingdom.

Brooke and Azlynn are friends that live in NC. They were born one month apart. Brooke and Azlynn love watching Youtube toy videos and they love playing with toys. Brooke's dad likes to video things so they decided to create a fun Youtube channel to share with others. We do toy reviews, challenges, regular vlogs, and anything family related. We hope you enjoy the videos. We are dedicated to providing a family friendly channel! Subscribe and watch Brooke and Azlynn learn and develop as they play with toys and interact on camera. Along the way we will be having tons of free giveaways and interacting with those that choose to watch.

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Brooke and Azlynn Show PO Box 573 Wade, NC 28395

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