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Beschrijving: 10 Inappropriate jokes in Teen Titans Go only adults will get.
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“Teen Titans Go! ” is a kids cartoon on Cartoon Network that follows the adventures of Robin and his four superhero teen friends, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg. Given that this is a cartoon on a kids network, you would think all the episodes would be appropriate for children, right? WRONG! There are several episodes that are definitely NOT for kids.

Episodes like “Mr. Butt, ” “Lazy Sunday, ” “Legs, ” “Pirates, ” and “Driver’s Ed, ” have some strong, suggestive jokes that kids probably shouldn’t be watching. We like a good joke as much as the next guy, but it might not be the best humor for innocent eyes and ears. And then there are the illegal activities, reckless driving, substance use innuendos and bedroom relations. Some of these episodes were enough to make us blush! We can’t believe the censors didn’t catch these! Here are 10 “Teen Titans Go! ” Episodes that WEREN’T FOR KIDS. ” You’re not going to believe the crazy stuff this show got away with for number 1!

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