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Beschrijving: The Last Jedi is a polarizing film, but we think we have some ideas that could have made it better! Subscribe to our channel:

Movie making is a hard job. You put all of your heart into something and then people go online and say that your movie isn’t good enough. And while it’s not fun to hear criticism, especially from people who have never made a film and never will, at time that criticism isn’t wrong.
Star Wars The Last Jedi is a film that came out in 2017, and even a year later, fans still argue about the film
Endless debates about every little moment
between fans who love the film and fans who see it as a failure. Not to mention the fans that go as far as saying that The Last Jedi ruined and killed Star Wars forever!
But we are not here to bash Star
Wars The Last Jedi, we are here to simply offer a potential fix to aspect of the film, and that is the Canto Bight storyline. Whether you consider the film as an
abomination that cannot be fixed or that you actually think the film is all right, you have to admit that the Canto Bight scene didn’t hit the mark.
And so, in this video we will offer another take on the Canto Bight storyline, with an alteration to the plot that in our opinion would have made the film much better.
And in the process, we will give you a pay-off to one of the best Star Wars memes from the 80’s!

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